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Targeting Customers

Can You Be Seen?
Can You Be Found?
Can You Tell?

How do you develop a significant web presence? There are many factors involved that can increase your prescence on the internet.  We take each factor into account as we work for your business. We closely monitor your campaign and adjust it as needed to ensure that your company occurs in search results as many times a possible.  We optimize your landing page or website to maximize search results. 

Location Aware Marketing

Adwords Marketing

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How Do You Know it Works?

On a monthly basis we will provide you with a report that will outline in detail the performance of your landing page website and advertising on AdWords. Our support staff will work with you to ensure you understand how your ad's performance translates into exposure for your business. In addition, our support team will work to make sure that the search words in your AdWords campaign are driving business, if not we will create new search words for your business.

AdWords is a simple and easy way to expose your company on the web. Your ad will automatically be displayed whenever
one of your keywords is searched.
If a customer clicks on
your ad they
 will be taken to a
 page describing
your business,
contact information
 and location.
The ad's performance
can be easily tracked.

Advertise on websites with extensive content related to particular cities. Such web sites can connect large city audiences with products/services for sale in those cities. Surfers searching for information about particular cities find online advertisements at such websites as a result of city name related searches rather than product/service
keyword searches.  

In this way businesses,  e.g. shops, 
restaurants, can advertise and
reach out to consumers located
in the real-world localities of their
product/service offerings.

We keep costs low so that your business can get the most out of your campaign!