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What is Get Vizible ™ ?
Get Vizible ™ is a Search Engine Marketing company. We strive to get our clients maximum visibility on Google search results and the other major search engines. We do so by employing location-aware ad strategies and SEO.

What is location-aware advertising?
Google knows approximately where you are located and will deliver ads that are relative to your area. For example, you may choose the 10-mile radius campaign which will display your ads in a 10-mile radius of a location you desire.

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a webpage in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

If my company has an Ad campaign with Get Vizible ™ , where will my ads show?
Your ads will show on the search page as well as on the pages of over one million search partners.

What makes the Get Vizible ™ Ad campaign process different from other companies?
- With the use of web site analyzers, we carefully select keywords based on your business as defined by your current 
website and the information you provided on the Order Form.  It is importants that we choose keywords that ensure first  page exposure and that also fit within your budget, allowing for more than one click per day.  The most popular or obvious keywords may not be applicable.

- We create ads based on the list you provided of the 5 most important products/services you offer

- We align keywords to each ad and create the ads to maximize exposure at a competitive, but not highest, price.  
Positions 1 thru 5 are considered the "sweet spot" and most naturally caught by the eye.

- The ads are shown on a rotational basis, much like the ads on an electronic billboard along the highway. The higher the
budget, the higher the display frequency

- We design the Landing Page to tie into the Ads, your current web page and search keywords

- As the advertising environment is forever changing, we closely monitor ad position to ensure an average of first page 
google results exposure. We reserve the right to change ads and keywords to ensure we maintain an average of first 
page exposure.

If I decide to advertise with GetVizible, what services are provided?  
- Customized ad campaign
- Customized Landing Page, if desired

- A
ddition of your web sites to the world's most popular search engines for Organic Search

-monthly performance report

How do my ads appear?
Ads are triggered by specific keywords that relate to your products/services. Upon set-up, you define geographically where you want your ad to be shown:

or example, within a 50 mile radius of Boston...

                     With the use of web site analyzers, we carefully select keywords based on your
                     business as defined by your current website and the information you provided on
                     the Order Form. It is important that we choose keywords that ensure first page 
                     exposure and that also fit within your budget allowing for more than one click per
                     day. The most popular or obvious keywords may not be applicable.

How do I define what geographical area(s) will see my ads?
Typically on a radius basis, in miles, from a center point. This is defined on the GetVizible Order Form.

What is a Landing Page?
A Landing page is a one page website that is a synopsis of your products/services.

It will have...

Your phone number prominently displayed many times so prospects don't have to touch the mouse to know
  how to contact you.
-If supplied with a business address, the landing page will contain a map of where you are located.
-A Contact Us box as a link to your website (if you have one).

The Landing Page is carefully designed to optimize the ad vs Landing Page relationship.

An example of a Landing Page is here.

Is there a minimal contract term?
Yes, a minimum three months term to ensure we tune your campaigns appropriately and provide the visibility you expect.

Will my company be shown on page one of search results?
We strive to get our clients maximum visibility, and that means first page placement. Upon set-up, we design and test our campaigns to ensure desired results. Through metrics, we are able to monitor ad impression placement and will make periodic adjustments to ensure average first page visibility.

What is your Ad campaign pricing?
Monthly programs start as low as $179.99 per month. More on ad campaign pricing here.

Pricing is driven by three factors: geographic area, hours of display and competitiveness
of Google ads for your products/services.

What is the ad display frequency?
Imagine your ad to be like an electronic ad on the highway. It is shown on a rotational basis dependent upon your Get Vizible ™ program budget and hours of operation (display).

I want my ad to display with more frequency. What should I do?
Contact your GV sales consultant or sales@GetVizible.com with your request. A higher budget will result in greater ad impression frequency, which will likely result in more ad clicks.

How do I find out about ad performance?
You will receive a monthly report via email similar to this which details number of impressions, clicks and average ad position.

I saw the pricing for Ad Campaigns. What about SEO pricing?
SEO pricing starts at $100/month. Fees are based on the competitive landscape of your goods/services relating to other companies employing SEO strategies.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment via Google Checkout, direct credit card payment (American Express, MasterCard, Visa) and check. More on Google CheckOut can be found here.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions )

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